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  • Medium Risk 

  • Two options:

    • Investor bot pays 1% earnings/day; 24% monthly ROI (after fees)

    • Affiliate bot pays .6% earnings/day; 14.4% monthly ROI (after fees)

  • US Based Investment Firm who applied for Hedge Fund Status with SEC on 2021 

  • Trades 7 days per week - mostly Nasdaq M-F and indices on weekends

  • Utilizes proprietary hybrid AI (bot) technology that works in conjunction with master traders 

  • Can reinvest earnings in back office on 15th and 30th of the month

  • Can withdraw profits  at any time (on Fridays)

  • Can withdraw principle / investment at any time (additional fees apply in first 3 months)

  • No selling or recruiting required

  • No start up or recurring costs

  • $500 minimum investment 

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