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High Return Passive Income Opportunities

About Me & BIG


ME & B.I.G.

I'm a successful marketing, branding & management professional as well as entrepreneur and investor. After achieving success through my agency, working with some of the top Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies in the world as well as top athletes, recording artists and other celebrities and talent, I had one big problem.  Well, one big problem that caused other problems. I was working all the time.  So I had little time for my family, friends or my non-work life. Like most business owners (successful or building), corporate executives or employees, I had to keep working to keep the money coming in.  I knew I needed a change!

Then the right opportunity came along.  I was introduced to the United Investors Group International, led by Rabu Gary, and was introduced to a whole new world of investment opportunities...crypto currency, forex, mortgage notes, automated Amazon stores and more. Don't be worried if you know nothing about any or all of these categories.  I didn't either then and most of my group still doesn't now.  That's one of the best parts of all of the opportunities we invest in: they are all passive investments that take little to no knowledge or time.  

Within a couple months of making my money work for me (instead of me having to work for my money),

I was making as much money investing as I was working so hard every day.  I have always been good at figuring out and maximizing systems.  And that's what I did here.  Our investment portfolio includes a group of incredible, vetted, high ROI passive investment programs with a range of levels of risk, reward/return and minimum investment. I have learned how to maximize the profit from each, how to work them with one another and develop an overall strategy to success and financial freedom. 

What is CryptoCurrency?
What is De-fi?
What is Forex?

Then, I brought in my close family and friends and began meeting and introducing people I don't know to the group and platforms as well. Every person I coach and have coached, I provide all of the information on each investment platform including the processes as well as strategy and an individualized plan to meet their specific goals. 


Each and every single person in The Berman Investment Group is making money, and has been from Day 1.  Go B.I.G!!

This was when the Berman Investment Group (BIG) was born.  I then figured out how to scale down my role at my agency, allowing me to focus on the investing and change my lifestyle to have more family and personal time.  I have always been a coach, mentor, consultant and advisor to my clients, helping them to achieve their professional and financial goals. Now, I have a new set of clients, team members and family who I am so passionate about helping achieve their financial freedom and living the lives they truly want and deserve.

Come join us and go BIG!

Josh Berman

What is Bitcoin?
What are NFTs?
What's a Rug Pull?

New to CRYPTOcurrency & Bitcoin (BTC)?

Want to know about De-fi (Decentralized finance)?

How about FOREX (FOReignEXchange)? 

Watch these short videos below 

Crypto / BTC Info
Ready to Invest

Berman Investment Group (B.I.G.) specializes in

passive cryptocurrency, AI, forex and e-commerce investments that require no experience & very little time!

 Step 1:

Set up your Bitcoin / CRYPTO Wallet

Purchase Bitcoin (BTC)

Setup one of these wallets as your Bitcoin / Crypto Wallet

Use one of these

in addition to the main wallet for higher $ purchases & faster transfers

Platform 1 - DAISY


Step 2:

Review & Access Investment Platforms

  • Medium Risk

  • 300% - 1500% ROI on investment

  • Combines crowd funding, decentralized smart contracts and super AI technology

  • AI Technology provided by Endotech, leading AI fintech company

  • No selling or recruiting required

  • No start up or recurring costs

  • Funded with Tron (TRX) not BTC

  • $100 minimum investment

US Investors Need a VPN First

ip vanish.jpg

All Investors Need this Wallet

(TronLink / TronLink Pro) 

to interface with DAISY   

TronLink logo.jpg

Best Wallet for Converting BTC (Bitcoin) to TRX (Tron)    

Exodus logo.png

Best wallet when buying Tron (TRX)  with debit/credit) 

trust wallet 2.png

Then copy this link in dapp browser of the TronLink / TronPro App


Platform 2 - MARKETBOT

  • Low Risk

  • 25 -35% monthly ROI

  • Works 365 years/year 

  • Utilizes powerful AI technology to benefit from explosive e-commerce marketplace

  • Can reinvest earnings (cashback) in back office for compounding profits

  • Can withdraw profits at any time

  • No selling or recruiting required

  • No start up or recurring costs

  • $10 minimum investment / $100 to activate the $50 gift card

Click here to sign up


Then click "sign up" in the right corner of the website & choose this option to register 

AI Sign up.jpeg

Platform 3 - cashfx

  • Low Risk

  • Pays 200% - 400% ROI / Up to 40% monthly

  • High yield; paid every Saturday

  • No selling or recruiting required

  • No start up or recurring costs

  • $300 minimum investment; Can upgrade at any time

US Investors Need a VPN First

ip vanish.jpg

Then Click here to sign up


Platform 4 - AUTOBTC

  • Very Low Risk

  • Pays every hour

  • Unlimited earning potential from minimal one-time investment

  • High ROI potential

  • No selling required

  • No start up or recurring costs

  • One-time .0056 BTC investment (between $50-100 or more, depending on price of bitcoin)

Click here to sign up

ABB logo.png
Automated E-commerce
ebay logo.png

Platform 5 -automated e-commerce

amazon, ebay and walmart

  • Basically No Risk

  • 98% Passive, Automated e-commerce business

  • One time investment and all other costs are covered by profit sharing

  • 4-digit profit within 6-8 months; 5-digit profit within 10-14 months

  • Multiple store discounts (ie Amazon & ebay package)

Then Click here to sign up

Walmart logo.png
Hyper Fund

Platform 6 - Hyper fund

  • Low Risk

  • Exclusive membership / "partnership" with industry-leading company in blockchain & cryptocurrency space

  • Pays 300% rewards on membership contribution

  • Pays daily

  • No selling or recruiting required

  • No start up or recurring costs

  • Minimum $300 membership contribution; can reinvest for compound earnings or keep earnings as you go

Watch enroll video

& then

Click here to sign up

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